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Reading Order

Each book can be read as a standalone! None of them contain cliffhangers. However, some of the characters overlap, so you might enjoy reading them in order as all of my solo-written books are from the same world.

How the books overlap:

- Brady from The Dearest Series gets his own book, Shameless, and kicks off the Texas Nights series.

- Kat and Tori from Texas Nights have a cousin, Gabby, who kicks off the Varsity Dads series with The Varsity Dad Dilemma.

How should I read if I want to start from the very beginning?
- Start with The Dearest Series, Texas Nights, and then Varsity Dads.

Can I just read a series without going back?
- ABSOLUTELY! I make sure that each and every book can be read as a standalone, and that goes for the series too. I promise you won't be confused.

 Romantic comedies cowritten with Leslie McAdam

(Companion standalones)

- Praise for Lex Martin's books -

Lex has a knack for weaving raw emotions, sensuality, angst, romance, and sexy times into one amazing and heartfelt story.  

- Michelle, Four Chicks Flipping

I don't know how Lex does it, but every time, every single time, she manages to make me fall head over heels for her writing...

- Giselle, Hopeless Book Lovers

I simply adore Lex's writing style. She has me laughing one minute, swooning the next, and making me change my panties soon after!

- Tiffany, Give Me Books

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