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This new adult series features three best friends and their journey to find love. For readers who enjoy sports romances, fake dating, friends with benefits, sexy quarterbacks, humor, heart, and steam! Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone.

DEAREST CLEMENTINE (a bestselling contemporary romance)  When Clementine Avery swore off men, she had no idea she'd need real life experience for that romance writing class she accidentally signed up for last spring. Fortunately, the sexy resident advisor offers to help her find a little inspiration... in the name of academics, of course.

FINDING DANDELION (#1 sports fiction and a bestselling sports romance) Hooking up with that ridiculously attractive guy at the club should've been an easy item to check off Dani Hart's bucket list. But when Dani realizes the hottie is her snarky new roommate's brother, suddenly everything is complicated, especially when he doesn’t remember her.

KISSING MADELINE (#1 sports fiction and a bestselling sports romance) Maddie McDermott won’t let anyone stand in her way of becoming a broadcast reporter, not even the subject of her new segments—her hot new neighbor Daren Sloan, the NFL's latest "it boy." Daren doesn't seem to care that Maddie can't stand him. In fact, he'd love nothing more than to show her that being friends has its benefits.


Gavin's grip is firm on either side of me as he ducks down to look into my eyes. Even though I lean back, I can feel his minty breath on my face.


"Clementine, I want to warn you." His voice is husky and deep. "I'm going to kiss you, and you're going to like it. A lot. But I want to be clear that I'm not going to sleep with you because I want you to respect me in the morning." His mouth lifts up in a wry smile. "This is simply one friend helping out another. Okay?"


Wait. Is he serious?


He must sense my apprehension because he rubs his thumb softly across my cheek. "It's just an exercise, to get you into your story. I promise."


I laugh, embarrassed, intrigued, and a whole lot turned on by the idea. He smiles again, but this time it's different. His eyes darken as his hands glide over my hips. My breath catches in my chest.


"Gavin, I don't think—"


He rests a finger over my lips. "I'm doing this in the name of academics. You need inspiration? You're looking at it. Now shut up and let me kiss you."

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