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Shameless Excerpt

What happens with a Harley-riding tattoo artist inherits a lavender farm and a baby?

Ignoring my flustered state, I smile. “Brady, I’d like to introduce you to your niece, Isabella.”

Bella stares up at him and grins, showing off her shiny new teeth a second before she grabs his face. He laughs. “Hey, little lady. I’m your Uncle Brady.”

She giggles, and I swear to God, her cheeks turn pink.

“Aww. She’s totally smitten with you.” He tickles Isabella, and she giggles again. I should stop right there, but my mouth can’t seem to help itself. “Looks like your uncle is a ladies’ man.” What did I just say? “I mean, you have her in the palm of your hand. Like you’re good with women.”

I glance at his face, and he looks like he’s trying not to laugh. Great. Way to welcome the guy. Make him think you’re hitting on him.

Shameless is a standalone in the USA Today bestselling Texas Nights series.

You can get your copy here:

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