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Release Date: August 3

“Thanks, Charlie. You’re the best.” Jake's smile goes crooked, and deranged butterflies take flight in my stomach.

No, I’m not the best. I’m actually the worst person on the planet, and I’m likely going to hell.

Or maybe I’m already in hell.

Because the thoughts in my head are so, so wrong.

For a flash, for just a second, I’m staring at my boyfriend.

Who’s cradling my baby.

And not my sister’s.

_ _ _

SECOND DOWN DARLING is an angsty, forbidden romance that features a criminally sexy wide receiver and his tortured best friend, who happens to be his ex's little sister. Blurb coming soon for Jake and Charlotte's book!

✔️ Single Dad

✔️ Forbidden Romance 

✔️ College Football

✔️ Friends to lovers

✔️ Major Second Chance Vibes

✔️ Slow Burn But Steamy


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